The Value of Spark Plugs & A Good Tune Up

We hear common automotive terms all the time (timing belt, brake pads & brake rotors, radiator, plugs and wires, A/C compressor) but do we really know what these “car parts” do for our vehicles ?   Do you really know what a spark plug is or what it does ? To oversimplify, a plug’s “spark” is somewhat like a lightning bolt – it forces electricity to arc across a gap.  Extremely high voltage is necessary in order to travel the gap [...]

Preventative Maintenance – Don’t Put it Off !

At Das Autohaus, we believe that Preventative Maintenance is KEY.  Whether it is something as simple as an oil change or something like suspension components, random squeaks or pesky engine noises, address your vehicle questions now in order to save money down the road. This week, we had a customer bring in their Ford Taurus.  While changing the oil, our technician noticed that the inner tires were starting to wear.  After further inspection, our technician discovered that the lower ball [...]