Cabin Air Filter: Clean the Air that you Breathe

Hopefully we are past the pollen of the season and can rid our vehicles and driveways of any remaining yellow residue of all that is “Spring.”  This time of year is an excellent opportunity to do a little Spring Cleaning on your vehicle and take care of those maintenance items you may have put off during the cold winter months.  Das Autohaus is here to help you accomplish this task ! Your cabin air filter is one such item that [...]

Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles: Pros & Cons

Long lives the debate between which is better: Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive vehicles.  Throw in the All Wheel Drive option and it makes for a fun discussion.  These are terms that we’ve all heard for years but do you really understand the difference? Front-wheel drive vehicles typically provide better traction and fuel economy.  The engine and differential are located at the front of the vehicle, so that power is channeled into the front wheels to “pull” the vehicle [...]