Antifreeze / Coolant: It Affects More Than You Think

Simple automobiles are a thing of the past ….. as automobile technology progresses and vehicle manufacturers strive to design and produce “the next big thing,” many are quickly overwhelmed with the number of decisions to make when purchasing a new or even used vehicle.  However, there are many things that remain constant in this ever-changing world and one such thing is car maintenance. If you ask 10 people how often they do something “maintenance wise” to their car, you will [...]

Premature Brake Wear

Summer time is here and the roadways are packed with drivers anxious to get to their vacation destination.   Increased traffic congestion on the interstate or secondary roads causes us all to use our brake pedal a little more than usual.  Speed Up – Slow Down – Stop – Start.  Do you know the effect that has on your braking system? How often have you heard the term “lead foot” when referring to a driver?  Excessive acceleration and then slamming on [...]