Flashing Check Engine Light ?

When you start your car in the morning, your vehicle typically goes through a “self check” to make sure that all systems are up and ready to go.  But what if one of those lights remains “ON” ….do you know what it means or do you have your owner’s manual to look it up?  If your Check Engine Light (CEL) illuminates on your dash, how long do you drive around before having it properly diagnosed?  We have had customers come into [...]

Warm Weather is About to SPRING !

Consistently warm South Carolina days and nights are almost here, and now is a great time for a proper “Spring Cleaning” of your vehicle.  It got you out of town over the cold holidays and has worked hard to keep you safe & warm during the winter months.  Now it’s time to return the favor.  Items that may have been negatively affected by the cold weather include: Motor oil (are you using the right oil spec & is it time [...]