2014 Subaru BRZ: Preventative Maintenance


Perrin upgrades

Debris on differential plug

We recently had the opportunity to perform a Preventative Maintenance service on a 2014 Subaru BRZ Limited.  Our long-time customer bought this vehicle as his “fun” car and knows that in order to keep it running efficiently and effectively, maintenance is a MUST.  This vehicle had 19,000 miles on it when it came in for service.  After a good bit of research, our customer decided that he would like to service the rear differential, manual transmission and upgrade the shifter though the mileage was low.  He wanted to change out the conventional differential oil and replace it with synthetic gear oil.  He also wanted to get rid of some of the “slop” from the factory shifter so he upgraded to a Perrin shifter bushing and rear transmission mount.  We were in total agreement and the following pictures show a little bit of what we did.   The car drives like a dream, and our customer loves his fun car even more !