Check Engine Light – Pay Attention or Else !


An illuminated Check Engine Light (CEL), also referred to as a Service Engine Soon or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), can mean many different things.  Some individuals immediately pull into an automotive garage to have their vehicle scanned & determine the culprit while many others just let it remain illuminated on the dashboard and continue driving like nothing is going on.  We cannot tell you how many individuals come into the shop and say that their Check Engine Light has been on for months.  What many people do not realize is that Yes, they may know the initial reason for their Check Engine Light coming on.  But what happens if their vehicle has subsequent failures that they now do not know about because that CEL was already on ??  

 The Check Engine Light was designed as a visual notification to the driver that there is an issue with the emission, engine or powertrain system of a vehicle.  There are two stages to a CEL:  1) steady where it remains a solid color and 2) flashing.  If you ever have a flashing CEL, or any other light on your dash for that matter, pull over and shut off the car.  Continuing to drive a vehicle with a flashing CEL can lead to extensive engine damage or cause major problems with the catalytic converter. 

 Proper diagnosis of an illuminated Check Engine Light is a MUST.  Many large automotive retail establishments offer Free Check Engine Light diagnosis and as the old saying goes…”you get what you pay for.”  In many cases, their diagnosis is nowhere in the ballpark of what is wrong with your vehicle.  Add a German automobile to that mix and the opportunities for an improper diagnosis increase tremendously. Trust your vehicle to a reputable mechanic – one that has a scan tool and the hands-on knowledge to properly diagnosis your Check Engine Light.  Whether you are in a Volkswagen or an Audi, a Nissan or a Toyota, etc… Das Autohaus at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment for a proper diagnosis of your Check Engine Light.