We had a new Volkswagen customer call in this week to share a story about her travels over Thanksgiving.  As she and her husband were driving up North for the holiday, they encountered pretty cold and snowy weather.  Unfortunately, in the midst of that snow storm is when they realized that their windshield washers would not spray.  They had to pull off of the interstate to clear their view, which was less than ideal.  When they made it back to South Carolina, they noticed that the windshield washer nozzles on her VW are now working properly. 

Ask yourself:  do you know what is in your vehicle’s windshield washer reservoir ?

Most of today’s windshield washer fluids are blue in color and made with a high concentration of methanol, ethylene glycol, alcohol or ammonia to prevent freezing.  Bear in mind that these fluids must be mixed in the correct ratio when poured into your car to have the ability to withstand freezing temperatures.  Too much water and it can freeze in the reservoir and possibly the lines, which can damage the system components.   

Before you travel this holiday season, particularly if you are driving to an area that experiences much colder temperatures than we are used to, make sure that you have your vehicle thoroughly inspected prior to your trip to ensure that your car is road-worthy and that the simple things are not overlooked.  If your vehicle comes equipped with a cold weather package (heated side mirrors, heated washer spray nozzles, etc) it may not be as much of a concern but it’s always better to be safe than sorry & caught on a frozen roadway.  Merry Christmas from Das Autohaus !