How Are Your Tires ?


We tend to be creatures of habit but that habit has to start somewhere.  Maybe your parents taught you, maybe a mentor brought it to your attention or you read it in a magazine and now this mechanic is telling you:  Rotate your tires every time you change the oil. 

Maintenance is an extremely important part of owning a vehicle.  Just like you know to change the oil every 3000-5000 miles, the same holds true regarding your tires.  With today’s Volkswagens and Audis, the manufacturer suggests oil service intervals every 10k miles.  If you wait 10,000 miles to rotate your tires from front to rear, you are shortening their life span simply because you are following manufacturer directions.  We recommend interim oil services (every 5k for gas vehicles, every 5000-7500 miles on diesel vehicles) and tire rotation at that time.  It may be a little premature but the goal is to save the engine and delay having to replace a set of tires. 

None of us like to spend money unnecessarily and tires can fall into the category of spending your hard-earned cash when you don’t need to ….particularly when something can be prevented.  Rotating your tires at every oil service will prolong the life of your tires and help keep that money in your wallet, where it belongs.