Premature Brake Wear


Summer time is here and the roadways are packed with drivers anxious to get to their vacation destination.   Increased traffic congestion on the interstate or secondary roads causes us all to use our brake pedal a little more than usual.  Speed Up – Slow Down – Stop – Start.  Do you know the effect that has on your braking system?

How often have you heard the term “lead foot” when referring to a driver?  Excessive acceleration and then slamming on the brakes is not only unsafe for the driver but also others on the road.  In addition, it is uneconomical and that adversely affects your wallet.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Hard acceleration and braking causes a loss in MPG.  A slow, steady traveling speed is best
  • Excessive braking wreaks havoc on a vehicle’s braking system: brakes overheat = shorter life of the brakes = money
  • Damage also occurs to the brake components (pads & rotors) as material integrity is compromised, they warp and ultimately that costs more money
  • Harsh acceleration and braking will wear down your tires much quicker

 Before you hit the road, have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to ensure that systems are in proper working order.  An unnoticed coolant or oil leak can escalate after a long trip and leave you stranded out of town and at the mercy of someone that you do not know.  Brakes, air conditioning, and tire tread should also be inspected to make sure that your vehicle is road worthy. 

 Know your vehicle and when something does not sound right or perform correctly, tend to it sooner than later.  That will save you money in the long run.  Call Das Autohaus at 803.520.8523 to schedule an appointment.  Safe travels !