The Value of a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection


You know the feeling….you finally have a little money in your bank account, and you are ready to buy a new-to-you (aka used) car.  You peruse the dealerships, a few smaller car lots and even check online to see who has a vehicle for sale that you’d like to buy.  You find “the one” …. that vehicle that you just have to have.  It is super shiny in the outside, the interior is clean and smells of a new car and even under the hood is immaculate.  It HAS to be a great deal and you have been so lucky to find THIS car.  But what lies beneath the hood of that vehicle ?!? 

Of course, we all try to do our due diligence and ask the seller about service records, if the car has ever been wrecked, what kind of MPG the vehicle gets, etc.  But a brief visual inspection and 5 minute test drive will not tell you truly what a car is all about.  We have had two customers in the shop that recently purchased used vehicles from smaller car lots/dealerships in town.  They purchased a vehicle that looked great and was exactly what they wanted.  Within days of purchasing these vehicles, each one came into our shop because of driveability problems.  One had a bad engine and the other had a bad transmission….both purchased extended warranties but after further conversation with each of these warranty companies, it became evident that the customers would be paying quite a bit of money out of pocket to diagnose the vehicles and possibly repair at their own expense. 

Do your research before you purchase a used car and/or an extended warranty.  Do not be fooled by the looks of a “cool” vehicle when a Pre-Purchase Inspection could tell you to run far away from that vehicle.  The next time you are looking to buy a used car, bring that vehicle to us for a thorough vehicle inspection.  Just like you would have a home inspected before you purchase it, a vehicle inspection is the same though process …. spend the money up front to have an automotive professional look over your car and tell you if the vehicle is worth it.  And when looking into extended warranty companies, look up the service history on the company to see how they handle their customers.  Research and educate yourself on what you are about to buy …. it could save you thousands in the long run !