Windshield Washer Fluid – Electrical Gremlin


Random question.  Do you know what’s in your windshield washer fluid ?  Just like coolant, oil or any other fluid that you put into your Volkswagen or Audi, Honda or Toyota, it is important to educate yourself on what actually goes into your vehicle.  The huge assumption is that any auto parts store clerk will sell you only what goes into your car, right ?  Welllll, we all know that is not true if you really stop and think about it.  A parts store clerk is there to sell you a part.  And if that part does not work, they will sell you another one.  The same goes for washer fluid, simple as that may sound.  Install the incorrect part and/or fluid and you could make matters worse or create a problem.

Washer fluid is sold in multiple ways (some are pre-mixed, others are not) and usually contains a detergent that has solvents mixed in.  Many commercial cleaners contain methanol, which can cause health and environmental issues so it is not always preferable.  Some individuals tend to make their own washer fluid that can contain glass cleaner, ammonia, dish detergent, rubbing alcohol, etc.   

Volkswagen has released a Technical Service Bulletin regarding windshield washer fluid in order to alert drivers of the problems that some “leading” washer fluids may cause.   Not only do some of the washer fluids cause electrical components to malfunction because of icky coating, but it can also destroy your wiper blades quickly.  Using VW & Audi approved washer fluid (that is all that Das Autohaus uses!) will eliminate this problem and will keep money in your pocket, where it belongs.