Just because you are using Synthetic oil in your VW or Audi does not mean that it is correct for your vehicle.  Read that again.

With that said, do you know what oil is in your vehicle ?

If your thought is that all synthetic oil is the same and that your vehicle is safe as long as you use synthetic oil, let’s address that now.  We have so many Volkswagens and Audis come into the shop that had oil services performed elsewhere.  Many use quickie lube establishments with weekend hours that dispense the same oil for a variety of vehicles.  The oil that goes into a Chevrolet or Honda should not go into YOUR German automobile.

Vehicle manufacturers build engines that come with certain oil specifications for those engines.  For example, many of our VW and Audi gas vehicles require 502 spec engine oil.  Using this spec oil over the life of your VW or Audi will save you money in the long run though you may pay a little more for it per oil service.  The type of oil you use in your vehicle affects many internally lubricated engine components including timing chains (TSI vehicles), camshaft operation and tensioner performance.  We recommend changing the oil in your VW or Audi every 5,000 miles using a high quality VW/Audi spec oil.  Though the correct spec oil will go a longer interval in terms of miles, we feel that it is best to service vehicles at 5,000 miles to “stay ahead” of problems with the vehicle and ensure maximum performance of your oil.  Ex: If your vehicle develops an oil leak and it goes undetected for 10,000 miles, you may run low in oil which creates even more problems = $$$$ !

Oil is the lifeline of your vehicle.  Using the proper oil for your vehicle and changing it consistently will have a positive impact on the life of your engine and your overall vehicle. 

We have APR Ignition Coils in stock, and they are waiting on YOU !!!!  What better way to ring in 2020 than with more ENERGY for your VW and Audi ??

These ignition coils will fit 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5L engines (among others) and will ensure a stronger and more consistent spark due to the 10% increased energy output.   This upgrade is an excellent plug and play option to factory ignition coils AND they look cool !!!!


We recently had one of our VW customers in to determine the cause of his Check Engine Light.  After removing the valve cover to inspect the camshaft, the determination was made that the camshaft needed to be replaced (among other things).  Lobes were super sharp, and the lifters were damaged on multiple cylinders.  This TDI drives like a different vehicle now !