How Far Do You Go ?

Have you ever played the game “How Far Can You Go with Your Gas Light On?”  As fuel prices are consistently creeping UP and summer travel is on the schedule, it is important to approach things with a level-head and a sense of urgency when needed.

Today’s vehicles do most of the thinking for us – they beep when we get too close to another car (or grocery cart in the parking lot), can park themselves in a parking space, correct us when we veer off course, and we can use the steering wheel to call a friend or loved one.   However, the dash lights illuminate in order to get our attention and alert us when there is a problem.  Brake pads have worn out, coolant is low, oil level is low and oh yeah, it’s time to get gas again.  What happens when you let that gas light ride just a littttle bit longer?

  • You can damage the fuel pump.  This pump operates based on lubrication.  You run it low on fuel, the pump can take in air and it can run hot, meaning premature replacement will be needed.  And fuel pumps are not cheap.
  • Sediment settles on the bottom of the fuel tank and when you run your vehicle low on fuel, you don’t want debris to get stirred up into the gas, circulate through your fuel system and cause problems with fuel injectors, fuel lines or the fuel pump pick up.

Here are a few good rules of thumb when it comes to fuel and your vehicle. 

  • Fill up when your vehicle gets to ¼ of a tank.  I know many folks that fill up at half a tank
  • When traveling, know where you are going and what your fueling options are along the way.  No one wants to get stuck on the side of the road on a hot SC road in the heat of summer.
  • Be as consistent as possible with the fueling stations you use to fill up your vehicle.  Whether you are running regular unleaded, mid-grade or premium fuel, consistency is key.  And just like oil, not all fuel is the same.  Just because a gas price is cheap does not mean that it’s good.

Be safe on the roads this summer and fill up your gas tank before your trip gets underway.  A little pre-planning goes a long way !!!

Warmer temps are certainly here, and we have received many calls regarding A/C systems that are not working.  Either it takes a while for the A/C to get cold or the air coming out of the vents is ambient temp = not good when it’s 85 degrees outside.  Take a look at a recent A/C repair on our customer’s 2006 VW Jetta TDI.  His compressor failed internally so the system was flushed and the condenser/drier was replaced as well.    His diesel is ICE cold now and ready for Summer !

Self-leveling headlights, cars that park themselves, back-up cameras and sonar to help you stay on the road.  As cars become more and more technologically advanced, you cannot expect a “general repair” automotive shop to be capable of meeting your car’s repair and service needs. 

Every day, you drive by shops that recommend low $$ oil changes, super cheap brake jobs, and flushes of EVERY kind.  It does not matter what kind of car you drive, they will gladly take your money and who knows what their service will do to your car in the long run.  They honestly do not care because you are helping them meet a quota for the day and their “one size fits all” mentality is engrained in them from the day they are hired.

Benefits of taking your car to a mechanic that specializes:

  • The process is more efficient.  A shop that deals with the same vehicles over & over can more easily identify problem areas, thereby leading to more accurate diagnosis and repair
  • The quicker an Automotive Mechanic can diagnose your vehicle, the less money you will spend
  • A specialty shop is more apt to be up to speed on the latest technology, training and equipment
  • You build a relationship & your mechanic knows the history of your vehicle = he/she knows what parts were previously replaced, what your driving patterns are and how to stay in front of problems

Das Autohaus specializes in the service and repair of Volkswagen and Audi.  We do work on other vehicles as well.  We are an excellent alternative to the dealer and take pride in our work & your vehicle.   Call us at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment.  Thanks for supporting our business !