Take The Long Way Home !

We recently had a VW Jetta in the shop for an oil service……removed the oil cap and this is what we saw.  Our customer lives in town and works in town so her commute to work is less than 5 minutes one way.  The result:  Her vehicle is not in motion long enough to get the engine, transmission and everything else up to proper temperature – as a result, condensation is building up and this is what it leaves behind.  [...]

THANK YOU For Nominating Das Autohaus !

Thank you so much for nominating us for “Best Auto Repair – Foreign” in Lexington Life Magazine.  We appreciate it SO much and hope that you will select us when voting begins in September.

Your Vehicle: Repair or Sell ?

Television and radio are FULL of advertisements trying to convince you that you neeeed to buy a new car, and TODAY !  But is it really worth it ? Maintenance is a normal part of life……whether we are talking about your home, business, yard or vehicle, there are certain expenses that you must endure to maintain peak performance of your material object.  Often times, individuals forego the expense of scheduled maintenance and only “catch up” on the minimum when the car [...]