Maintain Your Cooling System….or Else !

  Proper vehicle maintenance is key and always the first step in preventing costly repairs.  These pictures show what happens when a cooling system is not properly maintained.  This particular vehicle’s heater core, which is like a small radiator, was plugged / clogged.  The vehicle interior and complete dash assembly was removed to access and correct the problem.  Whether you are driving a Volkswagen, Audi, Chevrolet or any other import or domestic vehicle, remember to take care of your vehicle […]

Lifetime Transmission Fluid: Too Good to be True

 Many vehicle manufacturers today insist that their automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is formulated so that owners never have to change it.  The term “lifetime” immediately makes you think that this fluid will last forever and that it’s one of those things to file under “no need to worry about it.”  That is not the case at all.  Yes, it is true that most modern synthetic fluids are better than their predecessors.  However, that does not mean that a vehicle owner […]

Cold Morning Start: To Warm Up Or Not to Warm Up?

Cold winter mornings take their toll on all of us….this especially holds true for our vehicles.  As long as I can remember, I was always told to “warm up my car” in preparation for my drive to work, school or wherever I was going.  Cranking up your vehicle and letting it idle for several minutes is not as beneficial as you may think.  On the contrary, you are spending money given that you are burning fuel and not leaving the […]