Timing Belt: Better Safe than Sorry !

  When someone mentions the word “timing belt,” many may not know its function in a car but we all know that if it breaks, it can lead to a rather large out-of-pocket expenditure.  Proper education and taking a pro-active approach can save your engine and ultimately the fate of your wallet.  A timing belt is a belt with teeth that connects the crankshaft on an engine to the camshaft.  The timing belt synchronizes the camshaft to the crankshaft, thereby […]

2007 VW MK5 GTI – Fahrenheit Brakes

2007 Volkswagen GTI Fahrenheit in the shop today for front and rear brake replacement.  Installing EBC Sport Rotors and Green Stuff brake pads.  Awesome customer that brings his VW to us for his scheduled maintenance and believes in using quality parts !