Let’s BRAKE it Down !

Quality German Brake Job There are a variety of price points to consider when making a purchase for your family, no matter what the product.  The same holds true for the parts that are put on your vehicle.  This picture is from a recent rear brake job that we performed on a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SE 2.5L.  Our customer came in for his regularly scheduled oil service and mentioned that he heard a “grinding” noise when making stops.  Further inspection […]

Suspensions – How Much Bounce ?

A vehicle’s suspension system is what attaches to the wheels…the shocks, struts and springs, ball joints and tie rod ends…and keeps your car in motion, whether going forward or backwards.  Your suspension is also responsible for absorbing the bumps & imperfections of the road, making your ride more comfortable and smooth.   Signs that your suspension may need attention: excessive vehicle bounce abnormal tire wear vehicle starts to sag or sit lower than usual vehicle makes noise when going over large […]

Das Autohaus T-Shirts Are Here !!

Our newest Das Autohaus “swag” aka T-Shirts have arrived…….sizes are Large and X Large and come in a variety of cool colors.  Get yours before they’re gone and help support a local, family-owned small business !!   Autohaus is on the front and our new “AH” logo is on the back.  $15 each