Glow Plugs: Diesels Combust Differently

 As diesel engine vehicles are becoming more common on the roads these days, there is a new way of thinking that must accompany these increased MPG vehicles.  As cars become more advanced, so do the electronics and a host of other things.  One such advancement is the glow plug.  We had a 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI in the shop this week with pressure sensor codes.  Introduce:  the updated glow plug.  Today’s glow plugs have the pressure sensor built into […]

Cooler Temps: Monitor Your Electrical System

October has been THE month for battery replacement at Das Autohaus.  We installed 6 batteries just last week !    Over the years, we have learned that many of the less expensive, aftermarket batteries are NOT holding up and wreak more havoc on a vehicle’s electrical system.  Heat has more of an adverse effect on batteries but cold weather can have a negative impact as well.  Car batteries are designed to provide short bursts of energy to crank the engine, known […]