VW and Audi Haldex Clutch Service

Weather conditions in the South are usually pretty mild but with the winter conditions that we’ve had the past few months, VW and Audi’s all wheel drive systems have certainly gained appeal.  The beauty of all wheel drive systems is that all four wheels turn at the same time, so driving in snow, ice and heavy rains is much more manageable.      Since 1998, Haldex Traction units replaced the previously used viscous coupling.  Audi uses Haldex in the Quattro versions […]

2014 Chicago Car Show

The Chicago Car Show is the largest automobile show in North America and this year marks it’s 106th edition.  We were lucky enough to get a few up close & personal pictures from the show, compliments of our cousin that lives in Chicago.  Enjoy !!    

VW and Audi 09G Transmissions

A few pictures of a 2007 VW Jetta 2.5 that was recently in the shop.  Our customer felt like her Jetta transmission was slipping and she was experiencing a hard shift or bump while accelerating.  Luckily, she purchased an extended warranty for her Volkswagen.  The initial thought was to replace her Jetta valve body but upon further inspection, aluminum shavings were found in the transmission pan.   She received a new (reman) 09G transmission, and the bill was paid by her […]