The Dangers of Jump Starting a Vehicle

How many times have you jumped off someone’s vehicle or had them jump start your car because it would not start ?  Growing up, a set of jumper cables was something that most everyone kept in their trunk.  However, jump starting a vehicle is extremely dangerous, can cause damage to both vehicles, and should only be the last resort.  Remember that in most cases, a dead battery is the result of something else that is wrong with your vehicle so […]

The Value of a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

You know the feeling….you finally have a little money in your bank account, and you are ready to buy a new-to-you (aka used) car.  You peruse the dealerships, a few smaller car lots and even check online to see who has a vehicle for sale that you’d like to buy.  You find “the one” …. that vehicle that you just have to have.  It is super shiny in the outside, the interior is clean and smells of a new car and […]

Timing Belt Service: Don’t Compare Apples to Grapes

Timing Belt Service – Their Way or Our Way ? Say the word “Timing Belt” and people immediately think that if it breaks, they will have catastrophic engine failure.  We firmly believe in (and preach) that preventative maintenance is an absolute must.  Forego regularly scheduled maintenance, and you put yourself and your vehicle at risk. One very important component of a manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program is the Timing Belt Service.  Some vehicles have timing chains but for this blog, we will […]