Nissan 350Z

We recently had a 2007 Nissan 350Z in the shop that was experiencing engine issues.  The vehicle drove fine but had an illuminated “Service Engine Soon” light on the instrument cluster.   Here are a few pictures from our timing chain adventure… Remember that Das Autohaus does not just work on Volkswagen and Audi.  We are Your Import Automotive Specialist !

Does Your Car Really Need a Tune Up ?

We often receive phone calls asking for the price of a tune up.  Hmmmm….what does that really mean ?  Most individuals think spark plugs & wires, flushing the cooling system, fuel injector cleaning, transmission service, cleaning the throttle body, etc.  In the world of Volkswagen and Audi, the term “tune up” is not something that we often use.   We follow manufacturer’s recommended maintenance / mileage-based service intervals and use that as a guideline.  When someone calls in asking about a […]

How Tight is TOO Tight ?

  When it comes to cars, strength can be a negative instead of a plus.  Many individuals tighten up a bolt or screw, they get it to that perfect spot……and then turn it “just a littttle bit more, to make sure it’s extra tight and on there.”  How much did that just cost you…or in a mechanic’s shop, how much did it just cost the customer  ? We had a 2007 VW GTI in the shop last week that was in for […]