Know Your Vehicle’s Oil Spec

We all know that regularly changing the engine oil and filter in your vehicle is an extremely important part of scheduled maintenance and overall “cheap insurance” for your motor.  Failure to do so many result in engine sludge and an all-around detrimental fate for your vehicle and engine.  But did you know that there is also an oil specification that you must pay very close attention to for your Volkswagen and Audi? The Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) introduced […]

How Your Keychain Affects Ignition

How many keys do you have on your keyring?  Add in any number of multi-tools, sports-themed keychains, maybe a small flashlight, picture of the kids and shopping reward cards and you end up with a decent bit of weight on your keyring.  Once you put your car key in the ignition, that’s quite a bit of weight hanging from the key.  That weight over time, plus the road bounce that comes with driving, can lead to wear of the tumblers […]

DRIVE Your Diesel !!!

  We all know that driving your vehicle…..we mean REALLY DRIVING your vehicle… good for the car as it helps “blow things out” a bit and keep moving parts in full movement (open and closed), thereby decreasing exhaust & carbon build up, etc.  But did you know that there are HUGE negatives if you do not drive your TDI vehicle at all??  We had a Jetta Diesel customer in the shop this week that let his TDI sit for 4 or 5 […]