Take The Long Way Home

In our busy lives, we often leave work and want to head straight home so that we can relax and unwind.  Weekends are likely spent in town running errands & trying to accomplish things on our “To Do” list.  But did you know that short distance driving and stop-and-go traffic could be harming your vehicle AND that manufacturers consider these “Extreme Driving Conditions.” Whether your vehicle has a gas or diesel (TDI) engine, there are negatives to only driving short […]

Das Autohaus Volkswagen GTI Customer Selected as VW of America’s “Driver of the Week”

We are so excited and proud of one of our VW Customers and his 2012 GTI………Chad was selected as Volkswagen of America’s “Driver of the Week” in January 2015.  Chad has owned VW’s for many years and has been a customer of Das Autohaus since we opened our doors.  We are so happy that his dedication and enthusiasm was captured and recognized by VW !!