Constant Velocity: Axles


In simple terms, a vehicle’s axle is what holds the front and rear wheels on the vehicle.  The design of an axle is relatively simple yet it is responsible for a tremendous amount of weight and is relied upon to keep the vehicle moving.   A clicking and popping noise prompted one of our customers to bring his Audi S4 in for inspection & repair.  A clicking and popping sound could mean that a boot has ripped and lost all of its grease, which is necessary for lubrication.  Although inexpensive axle replacements are available, their balance and strength is always questionable. 

Das Autohaus likes to keep factory OEM German axles on our vehicles and the vehicles of our customers.  They are strong, well-balanced and able to be re-built.  Here is a picture of a completed axle.  Brand new German joints, new grease and ready to be re-installed in our customer’s Audi S4.

Re-built Audi S4 axle ready for installation !