Cooler Temps: Monitor Your Electrical System


October has been THE month for battery replacement at Das Autohaus.  We installed 6 batteries just last week !   

Over the years, we have learned that many of the less expensive, aftermarket batteries are NOT holding up and wreak more havoc on a vehicle’s electrical system.  Heat has more of an adverse effect on batteries but cold weather can have a negative impact as well.  Car batteries are designed to provide short bursts of energy to crank the engine, known as cranking power or CCA (cold crank amps).  Cold weather can reduce the efficiency of a weak battery, thus increasing the possibility that your vehicle will not start or will have problems starting.  

As with most automotive parts, it is well worth the extra money to get a manufacturer-recommended battery designed to fit your car…why risk being stranded, especially now that cooler temperatures are upon us?  Call Das Autohaus at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment and have us inspect your vehicle properly & prepare you for the winter.