Does Your Car Really Need a Tune Up ?


We often receive phone calls asking for the price of a tune up.  Hmmmm….what does that really mean ?  Most individuals think spark plugs & wires, flushing the cooling system, fuel injector cleaning, transmission service, cleaning the throttle body, etc.  In the world of Volkswagen and Audi, the term “tune up” is not something that we often use.   We follow manufacturer’s recommended maintenance / mileage-based service intervals and use that as a guideline. 

When someone calls in asking about a tune up, it is usually after they have experienced problems.  An in-depth conversation with our customers about their vehicle’s performance, issues that they are having and service history will better help determine the cause of problems and lead us down the path of proper diagnosis and a justified repair.   Common sense must enter the picture as well.  For example, we have a customer who has a 2003 Honda Civic with 29,000 miles on it.  It’s a 2003 and only has that amount of miles on it.  She has already had a timing belt replaced, cam and crank seals and valve cover gaskets replaced based not on mileage but rather the age of the vehicle & its deteriorating parts.

Preventative Maintenance is So Very Important !  Following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is KEY to maintaining your vehicle properly and a great way to head off problems that your vehicle may have.  SPRING is the perfect time to get your vehicle inspected and take care of any “To Do’s” that you put off during the winter months.  School will soon be out and everyone will be heading out of town for vacation.  Make sure that your vehicle is ready to GO!!  Ignore your vehicle for too long and it will one day remind you of that…..and most likely at the most inopportune time.

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