Don’t Look For Magic in a Bottle


Convenience.  We live in a society where you can find a “fix” for almost anything on the shelf of your local auto parts store. There are items to stop the leak in your radiator, repair your A/C system, plug your tires, thin out your fluids and everything in between.  But what are you REALLY putting into your vehicle and what are some of the effects?  (attached pictures are of a TDI owner’s engine after using a bottle of something to thin out his oil)

  • Clog radiator or heater core with goop
  • Chemicals swell and degrade rubber seals
  • Block coolant hoses, water pump and/or oil passages
  • Canned sealant could void your warranty (tires, engine, etc)

Likewise, be leary of shops that want to “flush” your systems as part of maintenance.  Quick lube establishments don’t make much money on a $20 oil service so they need to upsell you on something else.  How about a fuel induction service or an engine flush?   Still trying to figure out what that is….and all of that supposed cleaning could stir up something that really causes problems. 

On-going maintenance and care for your vehicle is a must.  Using the correct oil and coolant for your vehicle is also a must.  The day will come when vehicle leaks occur, and we all know that the repair will not come in a $5.00 aerosol can or bottle.  That is why establishing a solid relationship with a mechanic that knows your vehicle is imperative.  Vehicle emergencies will happen but please don’t look for magic in a bottle…