Know What You Drive & How to Take Care of It


Timing chain or timing belt ?  Do you know what runs the engine in your vehicle and if so, do you know what the maintenance interval is on it ?

Automobile manufacturers are steadily migrating to timing chain motors and while there is no “maintenance” for the timing chain per se, there are things to consider if you have this type of motor in your vehicle.  Whether you drive a Volkswagen Jetta or VW Passat, Audi A4 or a Honda / Toyota, there are many factors that determine the life of your vehicle’s engine.  The most important of these is OIL.  It seems that we tend to harp on oil a lot, but it really IS the lifeline of your vehicle.

If you look in your Owner’s Manual at the manufacturer’s suggested oil service interval on your VW or Audi, you will see that a 10,000 mile interval is what they recommend.  Many other manufacturers are following suit with extended oil change intervals.  We Strongly Disagree and recommend 5,000 mile intervals in VW and Audi.  Though the composition of some synthetic motor oils may be able to last 10k miles, extended oil intervals can lead to the vehicle burning oil (low oil = CEL), timing chain tensioner failure, timing chain stretch, camshaft wear, oil build up in the motor, etc.  Add to that oil from many quick lube establishments that do NOT meet VW or Audi spec and the lifespan of oil is shorter and problems greater.

Know your vehicle and what oil spec goes in it (5w40 is NOT a spec)….that is a huge start to keeping your motor in proper running order and extending the life of it.