Let’s BRAKE it Down !


Quality German Brake Job

There are a variety of price points to consider when making a purchase for your family, no matter what the product.  The same holds true for the parts that are put on your vehicle.  This picture is from a recent rear brake job that we performed on a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SE 2.5L.  Our customer came in for his regularly scheduled oil service and mentioned that he heard a “grinding” noise when making stops.  Further inspection revealed that his rear brake pads were completely worn out, and he was hearing metal on metal.  Our recommendation was to replace the rear brake pads and brake rotors with quality German parts.  Pads installed were Akebono EURO pads.  In addition to being a premium brake pad that provides European performance, they are also very clean pads which means virtually no dust on wheels = awesome and clean !  We installed Textar zinc coated rotors as well.  

Whether it is for a Volkswagen, Audi or any other import or domestic vehicle, remember that cheap is just that.  Das Autohaus believes in quality OEM German parts and yes, they do cost more…….but they work.