OIL — What’s In Your Engine ?


Summer is a busy time of year …….the kids are out of school, vacations need to be planned, house projects have to be taken care of and ohh yeah, the car needs service !  Most of us want to mark something off of our “To Do” list as quickly as we can and that often times includes automotive maintenance.   Automobile manufacturers are very specific about the vehicles that they produce and what types of fluids should be used.  Whether it is the type of brake fluid, transmission fluid or motor oil that goes into your vehicle – they are giving you a manufacturer’s “spec” for a reason.  Their vehicles are designed to operate using specific fluids and deviation from those specs will result in less-than-favorable results.   

Enter your Volkswagen or Audi ……THE most incorrect basic service that we see come into the shop has to do with OIL.  Did you know that your Volkswagen or Audi requires a certain spec of oil ?  You can bet your last dollar that this oil is NOT available for $19.99 at your local quick lube establishment.  There is likely a bulk oil tank out back that pumps the same oil into your VW or Audi that goes into a Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet.  Really ?!?  Ask them if they have VW 505 01 or 502 00 on the shelf (or whatever spec your particular VW or Audi requires) or available to them, and you will get a blank stare in return.  They are taught to change oil, not to pay attention to the long-term effects of using the wrong oil in your German/import vehicle. 

Trusting your vehicle to an automotive repair shop that specializes will yield a much different and better result.  We at Das Autohaus KNOW Volkswagen and Audi…..it’s what we drive and what we love.  You will pay a little more for a proper full synthetic oil service that meets VW / Audi spec but isn’t that what you want for your automotive investment ?  Call us at 520-8523 to schedule an appointment.