Timing Belt Service: Don’t Compare Apples to Grapes


Timing Belt Service – Their Way or Our Way ?

Say the word “Timing Belt” and people immediately think that if it breaks, they will have catastrophic engine failure.  We firmly believe in (and preach) that preventative maintenance is an absolute must.  Forego regularly scheduled maintenance, and you put yourself and your vehicle at risk.

One very important component of a manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program is the Timing Belt Service.  Some vehicles have timing chains but for this blog, we will concentrate on timing belts.  We have had many customers in the shop that say their timing belt service was performed yet we get under the hood of their vehicle and quickly notice that yes, the belt may have been replaced, but that is about it.  All of the “hardware” is original and that is not good.  Let one of these original parts fail and you may encounter engine damage that will cause tons more, and cost more, in the long run.  Beware of “cheap” services and know what you are paying for.  Does the service include a timing belt, external belts, tensioners / pulleys, rollers, cam seals, water pump and coolant? 

Das Autohaus follows manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules and we do not “short cut” our customers on service or product.  Whether you are driving a VW or Audi, Toyota or Nissan or any other make & model, our goal is to keep our customers safe, happy and willing to recommend us to their friends and family.  Before you spend money on repairs and maintenance for your vehicle, KNOW what you are buying !