Volkswagen & Audi AdBlue…Urea What ?


We at Das Autohaus are huge fans of diesel (TDI) vehicles and are proud owners of a Jetta diesel.  Increased fuel mileage, burning less fuel, robust engine power and emitting less carbon dioxide are just a few of the perks of owning a TDI.  Like any other investment, proper maintenance and care goes a long way and diesels and their emission systems are no different. 

Introduce AdBlue:  The new VW Passat TDI Clean-Diesel, Touareg TDI Clean-Diesel and Audi TDI Clean-Diesel have what is known as AdBlue as part of their maintenance schedule.  AdBlue is an active cleansing agent that is clear in color and made of approximately 2/3 deionized water and 1/3 high purity urea.  AdBlue is added to the Passat and Touareg TDI Clean-Diesel and Audi Q7 SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to help it maximize reduction of NOx emissions.  Smaller TDI engines (ex:  Jetta diesel) do not create enough NOx, therefore AdBlue is not needed for all models. 

Volkswagen and Audi recommend refilling AdBlue every 10,000 miles.  If a diesel vehicle’s AdBlue is running low, a series of warning lights will illuminate letting you know it is time to refill.  If you fail to refill AdBlue by the third warning, your vehicle will not restart.  Think of it much like running out of fuel….the warning light is there to provide ample notice to tend to your vehicle.  With proper vehicle maintenance, there is no reason that your Volkswagen and/or Audi will not last you for many, many miles and years to come.