VW and Audi Haldex Clutch Service


Weather conditions in the South are usually pretty mild but with the winter conditions that we’ve had the past few months, VW and Audi’s all wheel drive systems have certainly gained appeal.  The beauty of all wheel drive systems is that all four wheels turn at the same time, so driving in snow, ice and heavy rains is much more manageable.    

 Since 1998, Haldex Traction units replaced the previously used viscous coupling.  Audi uses Haldex in the Quattro versions of the TT, the Audi A3 and the Audi S3.  Volkswagen uses Haldex on their 4Motion vehicles (MK4 and MK5 Jetta, Golf, and R32) and the 6th generation Passat. 

 Audi and Volkswagen recommend that Haldex oil be changed at 20,000 miles and the Haldex filter be changed every 40,000 miles.  With that said, many automotive mechanics err on the side of conservative and recommend changing the Haldex oil and filter every 20,000 miles to prevent premature failure of the Haldex system.    This service is for Quattro and All Wheel Drive (AWD) models only.